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Yen May Rebound as G20 Finance Ministers Gather in Germany


The Japanese Yen had a fairly uneventful day. Nikkei 225 stock is kind of a benchmar for Japan’s trade. The stock rose after it lowered on opening time Friday. There is some instability because of the FOMC policy announcement on Wednesday. Europe was quite too. It might remain this way …

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SNB Leaves Rates Unchanged, Sees Higher Short-Term Inflation

swiss frank

The Swiss National Benk is still using a loose monetary policy. This time, the forecast for the short-term inflation is pretty high though. The SNB is actively intervening on the FOREX market, because it want’s the Frank to whitstand the downard pressure on it’s currency, and it aims to make …

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Gold, Silver Rebound Risk with Help of Bearishly Postured USD Heading into FOMC

gold bars

Is the USD at risk now that the FOMC rate will almost surely rise; also, the Fed might show up again, just as they did on NFPs. The dollar looks set for a drop. It’s index (DXY) is still seeing an uptrend. Both gold and silver prices are vulnerable in …

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How High Can Euro And Pound Go?

british pound

Friday in the week before ended with a bang – a price increase due to a few reasons: The weakening and speculation around the presidential elections in France. It is unlikely that the NationalFront’s Le Pen will win the elections against the centrist and technocratic Emmanuel Macron. There will most …

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ECB Hawkish Twist, Macron’s Improving Odds Giving Euro a Lift

euro bank notes

The Euro to USD will probably remain at neutral. The top risks for the Euro seem to be loosing steam: Marine Le Penn’s victory in France seems highly unlikely, and the Europian Central Bank is optimistic and is providing support for the currency. We can even call the Euro the …

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Most Asian Stocks Gain As Investors Look To US Payrolls


Even though most investors focused on the news coming from the US, the ones about the official US labor statistics, the Asian stock markets saw gains on Friday. The US Federal Reserve has made investors believe that the US rates will be higher in the upcoming week. It is expected …

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