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Euro Gaps Sharply Higher as Le Pen, Macron Advance in French Vote

france flag

Euro is seeing gains ahead of most likely Macron victory for the office of the next president of France, fighting Le Pen in the second round. He has gotten support from both Fillon and Hamon. The markets were nevrous ahead of the first round of elections. Four candidates were close …

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Get Ready for Gap Open in EUR-Crosses Thanks to French Election


The first round of French elections are today, which means that traders will look to back the winning Forex trade. This year EUR/GBP and EUR/USD pairs have done a lot of movement already, with more to come for sure. Emmanuel Macron seems to be set to pair against Marine Le …

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Oil’s Near-6% Drop May Pave The Path For Improving Fundamentals

crude oil

Even though the charts are not showing it, crude oil has encouraging news from OPEC and the US Inventory Draw. The major oil producers have made an agreement to lessen the output from Saudi Arabia, as cited by their minister. The goal is to keep the stockpiles below the average …

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Most Asian Stocks Gain Modestly As Oil, US Dollar Find Floors


Asian and Pacific stocks did good yesterday, mostly because oil prices consumed the costs and the USD got a bit stronger. Crude oil had been at four week low because of the US inventory gains, and there are still tensions between investors who keep one eye on North Korea. Then …

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Traders Wait For Gold Prices Next Breakout

fine gold

Gold prices seem to be consolidating after they’ve reached their 2017 high at $1,295.62 this week. Now, traders are planing their next moves. Please read the full news below: Talking Points: Traders Wait for Gold Prices Next Breakout Daily Resistance is Found at $1,292.50; Support $1,279.03 Looking for more trade …

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Euro, Commodity Dollars May Suffer as Yen Gains on France Election

French presidential elections are, of course, on the mind of many parties interested in Europian and world markets. The first round is to be held on April 23rd, and most are fearing the battle of far right Marine Le Pen and far left Jean-Luc Melechon–none of which is expected to …

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Gold Prices Rise as North Korea Tensions Keep Markets on Edge

gold bars

Tensions present in North Korea have led to an increase in price of gold. Stocks in Japan, one of the rare markets open during Easter Monday, have seemed to decline also as a result of the unsuccessful missile test in North Korea. Many investors are afrad of escalation between North …

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Euro on Edge During Holiday-Shortened Week Ahead of French Elections

50 euro

Today, the Euro is weaker compared to other major curriencies (but not the US Dollar!), and this is mostly due to unknowns before the French election. The elections are on April 23rd (the first round, at least) – and we are looking at Emmanuel Macron who leads if the French …

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